Heraldic Tourney

Could everyone please note the change of venue for the Heraldic Tourney being help on 12 March AS XXXXX in Abertridwr within the borders of Aneala.

The event will now be held at:
Neil MacDougall Park
Ley Street
Como Western Australia.

Site opens 11.30
Event Start 12.30
Tourney Commences 1.pm

Cost: $2 for members and $3.00 for nonmembers. Bookings not required.

Sir Kane Greymane.

Society conventions as if for a Crown List
Round Robin. Best of 3. Open weapon

Prerequisites to enter:

  • Heraldic Shield, Matching List shield
  • Tabard or Capelet displaying arms,
  • Banner to match
  • NOTE: Those without registered arms may paint/display the background they wish to use. Early discussion, with Heralds, is highly encouraged.

Encouraged - Consorts
Discouraged - Gumby Gloves

Banned items - Visible plastic, bare skin on body or limbs, visible duct tape.


  • Black Veil
  • Best Death
  • Chivalrous Act
  • Best Heraldic display by a couple.
  • Best Heraldic display on a child (cadency etc)
  • Open A&S Competition for the Arobyn

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please post to other lists as deemed necessary.