Artwork Needed for Pennsic Event Booklet

Mistress Chai'usun, the Pennsic Publications Deputy, is seeking artwork to appear in the Pennsic XXXV event booklet.

Mistress Chai writes:

To the Artists of all Kingdoms:

We are seeking artwork, black and white line drawings, for the 2006 Pennsic book. Most of the art work will be inside the book as filler--for that we'd like line drawings of ordinary people doing ordinary SCA/Pennsic things. Think about what you see at Pennsic; drawings of people in simple garb, learning or being taught to do things are perfect. People in multiple periods of garb are fine--we like to put drawings of people in armor in the martial section, people dancing in the dance info, and so on. From kings to peasants--anyone doing SCAdian things or small pictures of SCAdian scenes will be usefull. We especially like to put a lot of simple relevant clipart kinds of things in and around the class descriptions. Any of these pieces for filler art should be able to be reduced to 3 inches wide in proportion without loss. We can also use simple borders (usually 1/4-1" x 6-10") in various period styles. If you work on bright white 8x11 hot press (think basic inkjet printer paper), we can scan it fine. Please don't send fancy papers or media--they won't reproduce well for our purposes. We'd rather you kept your original and send us a scan, but you can mail a clear Xerox if necessary. If you have scanning capability, scan at 300 dpi and send it as a bmp file. You may want to work large so it can be reduced cleanly, but be aware that few scanners are wider than 12 inches.

Already published art is welcome. You retain all rights to your work outside of this one time publication. For your trouble we will give you our eternal thanks and a mention in the Pennsic book, there is no financial remuneration available. Artwork can be emailed as attachment to or you can contact us at this address for snail-mail info.

Please pass on this information to any other artists that you know who might also like to do artwork.

In service,

Mistress Chai'usun
Pennsic Publications