West King Wields Rapier at Estrella

Brigit Thornwielder reports on the deeds of His Majesty Fabian of the Kingdom of the West during the recent Estrella War XXII.

Lady Brigit writes:

What a War!

There will be many, many posts to come about this War--and the amazing things that happened--amazing deeds of valor--good times shared by all--but there was one thing that will always stand out in MY mind about Estrella XXII:

On Friday afternoon, during the Broken Field battles--Fabian, King of the West--joined the rapier forces of the West in battle. HRM, unbeknownest to us here in the central West, authorized in Rapier fighting several weeks ago--and on Friday, I was honored to stand beneath the banner of the West with my King in combat. Needless to say--I was overcome to the point of tears...

I am unable to express how much this meant to all of us on the field that day--and to me personally.

My undying thanks to an amazing King and Queen for the love and support they showed us during this War...

I have so much in my heart that could be said--but for now I leave will leave it at:


Brigit Thornwielder