A Good Time Had by All in Midewinde

Despina de la Brasov describes the fun had at the recent Une Fete d'Amour event held in the Shire of Midewinde (Minot, North Dakota) in the Kingdom of Northshield.

Lady Despina writes:

To those who were responsible for Une Fete d'Amour this weekend past in the Shire of Midewinde, thank you.

The site was lovely, lunch was scrumptious, and the offerings were remarkable. The classes were very enjoyable to attend and the instructors great with their explanations of their topics. The entire event was very comfortable and relaxing.

It was wonderful to have Northshield's Rulers attending and holding court. Thorbjorn hausakljúfr Hálfdanarson (aka Thunderbunny) looked positively thunderstruck when given the Award of the Griffin's Sword. He also has organized a war band in Midewinde and they thanked him for his hard work and inspirational leadership by presenting him with a beautiful torque. As a finale for his time in Court, the saga written of his deeds to date was given him by Their Majesties - who knew there is a comic book called "Thunderbunny"? Well, it exists, and our Thunderbunny has his very own copy now.

David du Bouhn was recognized with an Award of Cygnus for his amazing work with his own group and at the kingdom level. Award of Arms were given to both Lady Anistasia of Western Keep (who was unable to attend the event) and Lady Frieda Fredlaug of Korsvag (who was attending in her first complete Norse woman's outfit and complimented on it by Her Majesty during Court).

Overall, the hospitality and generosity of the Shire of Midewinde is to be commended.

Thank you, good people, for a wonderful event.

Despina de la had a great time