An Tir to host Known World Chirurgeon Symposium

Lady Sophia, Known World Chirurgeon Symposium Coordinator, has announced that this event will be held May 6 and 7 as part of the 40 Year Celebration event.

Lady Sophia writes:

Greetings and Salutations to all Lords and Ladies of An Tir and Beyond,

This is an invitation to the Knowne World, harken and let the word be spread. Please cross list as you would find appropriate to reach as many people, Chirurgeon or not, interested in attending the Known World Chirurgeon Symposium.

The Chirurgeon Symposium will be held at the An Tir 40 year Celebration on the opening weekend, May 6 and 7. Registration for the classes will begin in March when a complete list of classes will be circulated. Some topics that have been confirmed are: heat injuries, chirurgeon aids (candy stripers), Roman surgical equipment, personal protective equipment, stress debriefing, 2 assessment techniques (SAMPLE and Sick/Not Sick) and roundtable discussions on planning ahead as Chirurgeon In Charge (ChIC) and making life easier for handoff to EMS. Some tentative classes include history of the Chirurgeonate & armor extrication.

This is also a come hither and volunteer request for any one who would like to teach a class at the symposium. You do not have to be a Chirurgeon to teach a class. If you have some knowledge of historical medical practices, techniques related to health and personal safety in the SCA environment, equipment used, or anything else that is educational or Chirurgeonate related, all are welcome.

This one-of-a-kind, hand calligraphied, hand illuminated parchment invitation, is extended to all individuals with interest in the chirurgeonate, friends and family of Chirurgeons, those who have been the recipients of Chiurgeonate care or those who may have thought about it, dreamed about it, or feared they may be in need of said services, all are invited to the "table".

In Service to the Dream.
Yours in service,
Coordinator of Known World Chirurgeon Symposium

Editor's note: A web page for this event is under development. Presently the link from this story points to the 40 Year event home page.