Board of Directors Meeting Minutes Online

The minutes from the last two BoD meetings of 2002 (but not yet the January 2003 meeting) are available online. In an open letter to the populace, Meg Baron, SCA corporate President, writes:

Greetings unto the esteemed members of the SCA:

In accordance with the Board's decision at the October 2002 quarterly meeting, the approved Board minutes from that meeting are now available online! You can view them, or download them, as well as the minutes from the December 11, 2002, conference call meeting, here:

In the future, official minutes from all Board meetings will be posted to the website once they are approved. Meeting minutes are approved at the next regularly scheduled quarterly meeting - for example, minutes of the January 2003 meeting will be approved and thereby made official at the April 2003 meeting, and they will be online as soon as possible after that date.

If you wish to receive paper copies of the minutes via postal mail, subscriptions are still available, as always.

In service to the Society,

Meg Baron
President, SCA Inc.
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