Green Dragon Tavern Seeks Musicians for Gulf Wars

Marion, Leoncina da Susa, Proprietess and Entertainment Coordinator for Gulf Wars' Green Dragon Tavern, is seeking musicians to play at Gulf Wars 15.

Her Excellency writes:

Greetings from Marion, Leoncina da Susa, to the Musicians of Gulf Wars,

I am seeking assistance in procuring musicians to play for the evening revels at the Green Dragon Tavern Tuesday through Saturday evenings at Gulf Wars 15. The tavern can accomodate approximately 30 - 40 seated guests, and more standing. Space will be provided on the balcony for the musicians to set up and play. If you are a musician interested in an authentic venue in which to play your music, please contact me at: Please feel free to visit the web site if you are interested in seeing the tavern.

I am arraging musicians in 2 hour intervals from 6 p.m. to midnight each evening.

The Tavern anticipates your sharing your talents!

In Service,

Leoncina da Susa
Vicontessa da Gleann Abhann
Proprietess and Entertainment Coordinator
Green Dragon Tavern

Her Excellency continues...

The Green Dragon is a 15th Century Tavern built on the Gulf Wars site. It's Privately owned and operated, but open to the public at Gulf Wars. The idea is to have a common area where people can "live the dream" and set aside the boundaries of camp, clan and Kingdom. It was built by 4 people: Elesar of Northumbria, Lannin of Loch Maben, and their wives Katarina Dimitrieva and Marion Leoncina da Susa with substantial help from various friends and House Nova.

The Tavern's operating hours are (tentatively) 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. Sunday to Saturday of Gulf Wars 15, closing for Gleann Abhann Court and The Known World Party (the proprietors ain't gonna miss that one! ) Within the circle of the ropes, we are asking that mundanity be left behind in as much as it is possible. Scorn, Derision and a little fuzzy bunny shall mark he who does not comply!

Hey Ho Laddie O!
Draw me a pint and down id'll go!
Hey Ho, Laddie O!
At the Green Dragon Inn!