Seventh Tournament of the Golden Lily

Be it known that upon the twenty-fourth, twenty-fifth and twenty-sixth days of February Anno Societatus XL the Shire of Beau Fort will hold the Seventh Tournament of the Golden Lily. This grand event will be held upon the much enjoyed lands of the Indian Springs State Park Group Camp in Flovilla, Georgia.

We do ask that you come and "Capture the Caravan" with those Heavy Weapons and Youth Fighters. and that you further enjoy a great "Street Brawl" with the Rapier Fighters on the main field!

We have Classes planned for Drumming, the History of Saladin, Sleeve Dances of the Tang Dynasty, Tassel Belt Making, and even Games of the Middle East.

We will hold Heraldic Consultations and Children's Activities including a Children's Feast!

A wonderful Nine-Men's Morris Tourney is planned and returning for the third year in a row the Classic Lily Toss Game!

We also invite you into the ever-popular Beau Fort Solar for refreshments and fun.

After the wonderful feast designed by Lord Tarn Travis and cooked by Madame Putsha la Chiromancienne, do enjoy yourself in the Hafla until you drop!

A wonderful lunch is to be served by The Honorable Lady Miramah bint Ibrahim and Lord Guillaume des Pyrénées This lunch costs $5 and will benefit the Royal Discretionary Fund.

Autocrat :
Seigneur Guy du petit Egypté (mka: Dr. Geof Franklin)

Reservations :
THLord Cuhelyn Cam vap Morcant (mka: Tom Glaze)

Fees : Please add $3/Vehicle for Parking Pass.
Non-members please add $3.

Fees postmarked today and at the Gate are:
Weekend w/feast $ 22
Weekend w/o feast $ 17
Daytrip w/feast $ 14
Daytrip w/o feast $ 9
Family Pricing follows Kingdom Law.
Children 12 years and under are ½ the Adult Fee.
Children 4 years and under are Free.

Yours in Service to the Dream,
Seigneur Guy du petit Egypté
Deputy Seneschal of the Shire of Beau Fort