A Day in the Middle East

On February 25, 2006 the Barony of Dun Carraig is hosting "A Day in the Middle East", a very special indoor event that will include all kinds of fun for everyone. There will be food, dancing, drumming, classes, food...oh, and did I mention, food?

The menu for the day will consist of a dayboard arrangement with Middle Eastern "munchies", and a single-course feast later in the day.

The following is a tentative menu:
Sals Abyad (a walnut-based dip)
Hummus Kasa
Smoked Olives
Lauzinaj (pastry stuffed with marzipan and fried)
Badhin (Baked pastry stuffed with nuts)
Hais (a sweet cake made of dates and nuts)
Minted grapes
Stuffed eggs
Stuffed dates
Dried fruit and nuts
Flat bread and/or pita

Minted cucumber pickle
Jazr (carrots fried then served with a vinegar/sesame sauce)
Marwaziyya (lamb stew)
Thummiya (chicken with lavender, garlic and ginger)
Isfanakh Mutajjan (fried spinach
Badhinjan Buran (eggplant dip)

If anyone has any questions about the feast...or allergy concerns, please contact me and I'll do what I can to help. There are several dishes in both the feast and dayboard that are vegetarian.

If you are interested in attending and haven't already made reservations, you might want to do so right away. The feast is limited, and only a few seats remain.

Minowara Kiritsubo, OL, OP
Head Cook