Sacred Stone Novice Baronial Investiture/Novice Tourney

Come one and all to celebrate the Investiture of the new Coronets of the Barony of the Sacred Stone! What better way to celebrate than by hosting a Novice Tourney? We welcome all new comers and all long time players to come test their skills, show their prowess and to have a wonderful time with us as we celebrate. There will be fighting, competitions and classes for all levels of skill. So please join us!

Feast: A wonderful feast will be prepared by Baroness Fiona McLeod (Andrea Davis). For dietary concerns, please contact her via email at

Field Space/Merchants: There is limited space on the field. Please contact Lord Jonathan Blackbow at to make a field reservation. Please include your space requirements.

Fighting: There will be a Novice Tourney and then other fighting to test your skills. More information to come! If you have questions, please contact: Heavy-Duke Logan Ebonwoulf at; Rapier-Lord Raphael De La Rosa at; Archery- Lord Christophe of Grey at There will also be youth combat happening during the day. There will be a one hour youth combat class, followed by an one hour practice and then two half hour tourneys. Please contact Sir Axel of Tavastia at for more information on the youth combat activities and requirements.

Arts and Sciences: There will be plenty of competitions and classes. For full details see our website. If you have questions, please contact Lady Oddny Knarrarbringa at

  1. New To Me! competition/display... anything you've learned in the last two years, regardless of your rank in other areas.
  2. Novice Tourney/Display- for folks who've been in the SCA for less than two years.
  3. Cover it up competition/display- how you manage to hide those modern items that we can't seem to live without.
  4. Populace' Choice for best baronial project- Projects should be regalia, gift-basket items, or paying homage to the history of the barony.
  5. Classes, to be announced later... will include an E-Zup covering class, a chair-covering class, and various arts and sciences, as teachers volunteer.

Plea from the Baronial MoAS:
Please bring tokens to leave for the competitions and displays, as encouragement for the artisans and work that moves you. Anyone can leave a token or a note, and they are very much appreciated by the artisans. If you do not have tokens of your own, some will be provided by me. Just see me at the A&S area, and I'll be happy to provide you with something small to show your regard. But hand-made tokens are encouraged, as are notes and cards.

Site: Camp York @ Kings Mountain State Park, Blacksburg SC. Site will open at 5:00pm on Friday, April 7 and close at 11:00 am on Sunday, April 9th.

Restrictions: Pets are only allowed on leashes. No alcohol is permitted on site. Parking is in approved lots only.

Cabin Spaces/Camping: $14.00
Day Trip: $8.00
Feast: $6.00
Children under the age of 5 are guests of the Barony.

Autocrat: Baroness Kisaiya Zingara

From I-85: Take best route to I-85 near Charlotte. Take exit 8, turn left onto Hwy 161, go across NC/SC state line and park entrance will be on the right. Follow park signs and SCA signs to Camp York.

From I-77: Take exit for Hwy 5 toward Rock Hill. Follow Hwy 5 through Rock Hill to York. In York, turn N onto Hwy 321, then bear left onto Hwy 161, entrance will be on the left. Follow park signs and SCA signs to Camp York.

For more complete information on the activities for this event, please go to the Sacred Stone website at