Known World Olympics at Estrella

Dirk V and Chamayn II, Basileos and Basilissa of Caid, have announced that this year's Estrella War will feature a Known World Olympics.

Hosted by the Myrmidons of Caid, the Olympics will take place on the main battlefield immediately following the final battle on Friday. The events will be:

  • Javelin Throw for distance (1 person per kingdom)
  • Quoit Throw for distance (1 person per kingdom)
  • Armored Hoplite Run (run for set distance in breastplate and hoplite shield; 1 person per kingdom)
  • Freestyle Wrestling (rules and conventions can be found here:; one person per kingdom)
  • Champions Tournament (speed tourney; two people per kingdom)

Winners will be rewarded "courtesy of the populace of Caid and the Myrmidons."