Newcomers' Feast / Tourney, Games & Fair Day

Newcomers' Feast - an introduction to the Current Middle Ages. Feasting, dancing, good company, music, atmosphere, come and enjoy a feast hosted by the College of Blessed Herman. This year we will be honoured by the presence of the King and Queen.

Newcomers' Feast
When: 25th March 2006, Hall opens 6:00, Feast starts 7:00
Where: Hillcrest Community Hall, Queensborough Ave, Hillcrest, Adelaide, SA.

Steward: Lady Collette de Harcourt

$5 Newcomer (first event)
$15 SCA and college members
$18 non-members


  • Best Newcomer's Garb
  • Best Accessory

Bookings to Anne of Lincoln (Sue-Ann Lawson):

Please advise of any dietary requirements at time of booking. Bookings close 18th March. Loaner garb and feasting gear is available, please tell the Bookings Officer of your requirements or contact the Hospitaller (Collette,

The following day is a Tourney, Games and Fair Day.
When: Sunday 26th March, starting at 10.30 am.
Where: Felixstowe Park, Felixstowe, Adelaide, SA.
Steward: Blodeuwedd y Gath

Welcome to a day of fun, games, competition and golden prizes! With the Tourney of the Crests for the Heavies, the Heart Challenge for the Rapier, a Running Race, a Bowles competition, a Dance Challenge, a Quest for Treasure, kite flying if the wind allows, and games, games, games! And the Baron and Baroness will be on their mettle to provide light refreshments and cool drinks. Please bring a picnic lunch. The Rapier and Heavy will be alternating rounds (as was done at Midwinter). Armour inspection will begin at 10.30, Lists will open at 10.45 and will close at 11 precisely. There will be NO late entries. Heavy fighters will be asked to parade their Crests to the populace as soon as the lists close (remember, there is a competition for Best Crest), and then the Rapier Fighters will be presented with their paper hearts. Rules for the Tourney of the Crests and the Heart Challenge are available from the Steward. Other competitions include Treasure Quest, Dance Challenge, Bowles Competition, Running Race, Display Crest and Period Game Set. For more details, contact Baroness Blodeuwedd