The Passing of Baron Domingo and Baroness Ysabet (A Semi-Fictional Story)

Feature: "Upon the field of Crown List, the Aten Crown chose its heirs. All had a celebration, yet this joy would turn to tragedy..." So begins this in-persona tale of Baronial succession from the Kingdom of Atenveldt. Upon the field of Crown List, the Aten Crown chose its heirs. All had a celebration, yet this joy would turn to tragedy for our beloved Barony of Tir Ysgithr.

I tell this tale, for I was there...

The king had called all his landed nobility to court and all was happy in The Land of Atenveldt. Baroness Ysabet, though warned repeatedly in the past of the dangers of spindles to those of noble blood, pricked her finger and was dead within moments. I had just been made an Apprentice Chirurgeon during the Estrellan Conflict, and I rushed to her side immediately, but I lacked the skills to save our beloved Baroness, fie and pox upon me.

The court, though stunned, continued. His Excellency, Baron Domingo, devastated by the loss, begged his leave of the king so that he could prepare his wife for the journey beyond. The King said unto him, "Nay. Though adversity arises, Atenveldt will carry on." His Excellency sat back down on his chair of state and focused upon the events of the court. He took solace in a beverage presented to him. After taking a draught he made a comment about "Almond Flavored Scotch" which the Herald and Lady and Waiting repeated with some alarm.

Thinking back, I should have known something was amiss. His Excellency seemed to grow pale and blinked his eyes as though trying to focus them. After about ten minutes he rose and said, "Your Majesty....I...", and then he rose no more. I suspected something was amiss then as our Baron was never at a loss for words. The triple spin and half-gainer he then did ending at His Majesty's feet, his own feet twitching in the air, was what confirmed my suspicions. I rushed to his aid just in time to feel his life slip away. More fie and more pox upon me.

The Baronial Coronets were given unto the rightful Heir, Lord Sean of the South, who presented them unto His Majesty.

I bore the Baron out on a litter while the King's voice did fade in the distance...something about Taxes.

Lord Sean of the South and Lady Briged O'Daire held an Irish Wake for Their Excellencies at their lodgings for Crown Tourney.

It has been decreed that there will be a funerary service for our beloved and departed Baron and Baroness at the Unitarian Universalist Church, one hour after the Great Helm Tourney ends at Himmel Park. There, His Eminence, Bishop Steffen yr ysgolhaig, will deliver a eulogy and read aloud to the populace assembled The Last Will and Testament of Baron Domingo Diego Diaz de la Vega y Martin de Valencia e Avila el Conquistador y Cruzado de la Montaa & Baroness Ysabet ferch Gwydyon.

Mourners who wish to offer testimonials to Their Excellencies' lives and/or present gifts unto the departed for their journey into the Great Beyond after the reading of The Last Will and Testament contact Lady Maria Elena Hurtado de Mendoza (called Dulcinea). As in their lives, photographs are allowed and encouraged.

More information regarding the event can be found at under the heading "Great Helm, Captain of the Rapier Guard & Investiture".

In Mourning and with Great Sorrow,
Ld. Fergus DeBotha

P.s. Does anyone know of a place to get black armbands wholesale?

Republished by kind permission of the author, who retains copyright ownership.

Death of Baron and Baroness Tir Ysgithr

Are there pictures?? Just wondering. :-)

Domingo and Ysabet are friends of mine that I haven't seen in ages.



The author of this didn't post any with the article on the list, but I have his email addres and will contact him to see if there are any online somewhere. If I find them, I'll post the link into the article at the end.


Re: Death of Baron and Baroness Tir Ysgithr

Not as yet. The funeral isn't until Saturday (3/8) there will be photos and video for that. I will post the link when someone lets me know what it is. F. Ld. Fergus DeBotha Chamberlain to The Late Baron Domingo..., etc.