Red Scarf Project

Jackie Hammers-Crowell of the Orphan Foundation of America Red Scarf Project responds to's posting about the project earlier in the year, thanking readers for their support.

Jackie Hammers-Crowell writes:

I just wanted to thank you for posting the information about the Orphan Foundation of America Red Scarf Project on your site. I am a former foster youth whose college was largely paid for by OFA, who received regular care packages from them in college and who was given the opportunity to intern on Capitol Hill largely due to the efforts of OFA and the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute.

I crocheted three scarves for this event myself and think it will be very special and beneficial to foster youth in college.

My husband and I are also huge fans of Ren. Faires and other things Renaissance, so it was nice to see three of my passions coming together to benefit foster youth.

Please pass along my appreciation to all of the readers of your site who made scarves for the project.


Jackie Hammers-Crowell
Iowa City, Iowa

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