Equestrium: Inter-Kingdom Equestrian Collegium

Unto the equestrians of the Known World do the riders of the West Kingdom offer invitation! On April 21-24, 2006 there will be held an Inter-Kingdom Equestrian Collegium: Equestrium!

Come one, come all and enjoy a weekend learning about all things equestrian in the SCA. We will be hosting out of Kingdom instructors from An Tir and Caid! Bring yourselves, horses if you have them and a thirst for knowledge of the equestrian arts.

This will be a Collegium format, with both mounted and unmounted classes. Though an equine partner is useful, many of the classes will not necessarily require one. There is a possibility of rental horses for trail rides.

The site for the Spring Equestrium is the Montana de Oro State Park Horse Camp. We have Madrone camp...which has a BBQ pit and permanent privy. The site opens Friday at 2pm and closes Noon on Monday. There are pipe pens for the horses, camping, trails, and BEACH ACCESS! In April, everything is green and the wildflowers are in full bloom. Site is also minutes from a town.

Though there is water for the horses, people will need to bring their own.

Directions (North and South): Take 101 to Los Osos Valley Rd exit. Turn to the west (right for those coming from the North, left for those from the South). Stay on this road. You will pass through the outskirts of San Luis Obispo (there will be a Home Depot and Costco on your left). After passing through San Luis Obispo, there will be a nice scenic stretch of road. In about ten minutes, you will get to the town of Los Osos. Los Osos Valley Rd will end at Montana de Oro State Park. SCA signs will be posted.

Please contact Kristin (autocrat) kknibbe@hotmail.com if you are going to attend so we can arrange for stabling and camping space. Cost $12 plus $2/horse/night (plus $3 Non Member Surcharge if applicable).

In Service,
Kristin Hvit Hestr