History debate (anyone up for it?)

A place to debate your opinions about historical happenings. I know ther are alot of people who do not agree on some points and I think we could all learn and and gain a lot from a little debate.

Who do you think had

Who do you think had the better strategies Saxons or the Romans?

Ok I guess I will kick this o

Ok I guess I will kick this off. My topic is about Swedish history. Scholars say that Sweden was a kingdom from around the 9th century. Most of what I have read barely mentions the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th centuries as far as manarchies are concerned, and not alot more is mentioned about culture for those four centuries. though one of the most important events took place in the year 1000ad Sweden was finally unified under one ruler. I know that alot of books say that they had a monarch as early as 9th century but if you read closely they were kings of tribes and not a unified sweden. to back it up a few hundred years the viking reign has been dated from around the year 763AD to 1066AD, though vikings have been depicted as mainly Swedish alot of us know differently. But even still there were Vikings from sweden who still had homesteads/settlements on the costal areas of Sweden. With such a large and fierce combat machine as the Vikings living still in Sweden while conquering/settling other coastal countries. Who's allegiance did they swear to? There has to be some history between the waring chieftans and the now in 1000AD unified sweden. I find it hard to believe that Sweden could sustain a theature of war with Norway (on several occasions)and Finland (on several occasion)with all these factors that were present in this time period. I have read a few books that give credit to the 1300's as being the unified point for Sweden. And if this is the case then why were they engaged in so many wars (Norway/Finland/Viking raids) yet while some may say that vikings raided away from home they most likely raided up and down there own coast as well forcing some sort of retaliation from either local tribes or the swedish army. time and time again throughout history it has been proven that people/tribes that share simular idiologies will band together for a particular cause or to defend a particular cause or belief. though another case that is hard proven on this is why did Sweden invade Norway so many times? once suggesting the ealrier unifacation of Sweden. written history in sweden was late to bloom like I mentioned above, and a vast majority never made it to the writing table. large gaps in history pop up all over the place. so no one wull know for sure when the exact date the swedish were innified under the first all enclusive king. but it just seems odd to me that all these chieftans would come together and invade a nation several times, fight a nation(finalnd) for the ownership of land, allow viking terror to reign up the coastlines and still have a means to defend the country without a central government of sorts. I called the Swedish historical society and asked them the same questions and they seemed like they were going to answer my questions until I got to this question: who did the Swedish army pay alliegiance to and what types of people was the army comprised of? Did the King of Sweden alliance himself with the vikings? were they enemies? at this point they said good bye and hung up on their end. so I dont know if this is a touchy subject or not, I will assume that it is for now. I know that it is a valid question and I know the answer is out there it is just a matter of finding it. most books that I have read seem to have the exact same information printed over and over again. So I may take a trip to Sweden to figure it out. It may take several years to do but I think it is worth it. In the next session I may talk about Sweden Prior to The celtic religion and the before the legend of Thor back before he was supposedly born. back to the fall of troy in 1184BC. Unitl then I look forward to your posts