Winter War VII

The Shire of Trinovantia Nova Renowned throughout Vast Tracts of Land as the Most Loyal Subjects of their Beloved King and Queen Once Again offer their hospitality to their Kingdom for The Seventh Great Winter War.

Saturday, March 4, AS XL (CE 2006)
Oxford Auditorium
Woodstock Fairgrounds
Woodstock, Ontario

Come one, come all to the Winter War. There is fencing, fighting, romance, true love... oh wait that's something else. There will be fencing, fighting, boffer combat, arts and science contest, classes and more!

$6 Prereg. (with the money in our hands by the time of the event.)
$7 at the door
$4 Non member service charge for non members.
$3 for children under 14 years of age (no prereg discount)

$12 per setting at the feast.

Event Steward
Lady Aurelia von Grein
(Kate Appelman)

The arts and science contest is open to new entries that have never been judged before.

There are 15 tables (8'x2'?) total (there is a slim chance that we may wedge a few more in there if really neccessary). There will be 2 chairs per table. Merchants may book one table for no charge, but additional tables are $10 each since space is limited. The deadline for reservations is Feb 24/25, 2006

Merchant Co-ordinator:
Lady Muirne Ultach (Mary MacVoy) *put "WinterWar 7 Merchant Reservation" in the subject line so that I know you aren't spam* please,

Children's Activities
Children under 7 years of age- Play Corner: complete with rug on floor, castle play tent, wooden Noah's ark with animals, and various medieval toys (dragons, princesses, unicorns, knights, Robin Hood etc). Toy shields and swords will NOT be allowed. Parental Responsibility: 1 hour of supervision help during event, check in on your child every 2 hours (min), feed, water and change them as necessary.

Children over 6 years of age - Medieval Arts &Science centre: Make your own Viking Treasure Necklace, illuminate a picture, try weaving a pouch, kumihimo, embroidery, beading or make a simple toy. Bring a cover up if your child wants to use paint. Please bring a shoe box to decorate and store your childs projects. This area will be drop-in/out - Youth Combat participants are welcome. Donations towards supplies welcome but not required.

Children's Area Contact: Lady Anne du Lac, Please let me know ahead of time if your child is attending so I can arrange supplies.

From Everywhere in the Known World:
Take the Kings Highway 401 to Exit 232 - which is also the Kings Highway, but is numbered 59. Take the Kings Highway 59 north into Woodstock, past many houses and shops and numerous lesser roads which may from time to time cross the highway. When you reach Dundas Street, which was at one time a Kings Highway #2, but now has been turned over to the Local Count, may he ever prosper, Turn right. Proceed up the hill and then Turn Left at the Traffic Signal at West Ave. There is also a Taco Bell Right there.