March Madness

Shed your prim and proper exteriors for a brief time and let your wild sides run with abandon. Now celebrate our safe passage through winter with the sounds of merriment, the clash of swords, rapier blades flashing in the sun and more silliness than anyone can possibly stand as we fight against boredom and mundanity.

March Madness

Date: March 18, 2006
Location: St. Mary's Episcopal Church, corner of Lake Otis and Tudor, Anchorage, Alaska.

Site opens at 11:30 am and closes at 10 pm

Site fee: Adults $10, children 12 to 4 $4, children 3 and under are free.

Join Their Excellencies, Bjarni and Annora, as they open the tourney season with the quest for a heavy champion. There will also be a rapier tourney; combat dancing/barroom bransle and a few surprises.

Other activities/contests include:

  • Ladies Refinement and Breeding Obstacle Course part II - where one is not judged on speed (a lady is never fast) but on deportment.
  • Death by Dancing
  • Quick the Bard (combat musical chairs)
  • Come dressed as a visual pun or 'Come as You Never Were' and enter the garb contest.

More 'traditional' contests - best decolletage, best buns Baronial A&S - Period dish to be judged before feast, with documentation

Feast will be potluck by first letter of your SCA last name: A-E Desserts; F-J vegetables; K-N Meat dishes; O-T starches (potatoes, rice, pasta); U-Z breads, spreads and cheeses.

Elspeth Bouchannane (Jacki Frederick)
Celestria Textrix (Dawn Quick)