Loch Salann Defenders

As the spring doth bring renewal of life it also brigs for the threat of that devious demon decapod that saline swilling fiend of the depths once again setting its many limbs upon the shored of Loch Salann. Once again the warriors of the now endangered Barony are called upon to push this threat back into the briny depths from whence it reared it's vile head.

It is expected that the fearsome beast will return upon the 25th day of March and thus all those of hardy bearing and stout heart are called to a tournament to see who will be our worthy defender. The heavy tournaments will be held in two parts, first we will have a William Marshal style tourney in which each competitor will receive five coins to represent their ransoms. With each loss the combatants will give up one of their ransoms until they have none. The warrior with the most ransom at the end of the tournament will win the prize of the day and take second place in the tournament. The first place winner will be decided by the gallery for bravery, gallantry, leadership and other virtues that are deemed worthy. The second tournament of the day will be a single elimination tournament fought with sword and shield. Depending on how the individual competitors fair in the tournaments the Defender of Loch Salann will be decided. Dualists are called forth to test their mettle in what promises to be an intense tournament. There is even some talk of an archery tournament.

A feast will be prepared by our Lady Hildeguard and Mistress Casmira with, I am told, the assistance of the award winning Loch Salann Cooks Guild.

Date: March 25th (Saturday)
Time: 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Where: 4615 S 3200 W, West Valley, UT

Take your best route to I-15 South, and continue on until you reach exit #316 (45th South West). Take 45th South West 3200 West (45th with become 47th). Turn North (Right) on 3200 West St Stephens in on the East (Right) side of the road.

Site Fees:
Members: $6.00 16+. $3.00 6-15 5 and Under Free
Family Cap: $18
Non-Members: $3.00 surcharge for ages 16+

Feast Fee:
$6 - 12+
$3 - 6-11
5 and Under Free

Event Steward:
HL Raven MacLeod

Feast Steward:
Hildegard Luafwynn