Border Skirmish III:Griffins vs Dragons

The gentles of the Barony of Caer Anterth Mawr and the Shire of Ravenslake are very excited about this years’ camping event. We have planned many activities. The site is the same as last year and it absolutely beautiful.

We are surrounded on three sides by a lake where there is a beach for swimming. There is a hill with trees that adds to the fun of the fighting field. We will again be sponsoring heavy, light and children’s combat and archery. There will be A&S classes and activities and merchants selling their wares.

And once again, Mistress Tatiana will be running the Griffin & Dragon Tavern where you will be able to purchase breakfast and lunch on site. And to add to the fun this year, we will also have a feast on Saturday evening (how unusual is that for a camping event)! There will also be a bardic circle around the fire on both Friday and Saturday evenings. If your interested in volunteering a bit of your time during this event, please see our volunteers wanted page for more information and areas where you can help!

CO-Autocrat (Caer Anterth Mawr/CAM)
Kateryn of Cornwall (Lisa Welsh)

CO-Autocrat (Ravenslake/RL)
Marie la Fauconniere (Nita Lewis) Location:
(Lakemoor, Illinois)