Book Drive for Gleann Abhann

Fern de la For├ęt, of the Province of Tree Girt Sea in the Midrealm, has announced a project to collect books for those in Gleann Abhann who have lost their SCA libraries. The collection will take place at the upcoming Tree Girt Sea 12th Night event.

Fern writes:

Dear Friends, especially those with large bookshelves,

Just recently, I was able to confirm some of the details of a request from one of the displaced Gleann Abhann people. It seems that Hurricane Katrina inflicted serious damage to personal libraries last fall, as well as all the other damage that we've heard about.

Those poor people have lost all their favorite books!

Therefore, Lady Sorcha O'Branigan, already scheduled to cook lunch at the event, has graciously offered to trade a "FREE LUNCH" for a reasonable donation to Gleann Abhann. Anyone who brings in a nice-looking book, paperback or hardback, will receive a hot lunch from Lady Sorcha, as well as the satisfaction of helping the good people of Gleann Abhann.

"What sort of books?", you ask? The answer is, the sort of books that SCA-folk like,. Think about yourself. What books do you use most often? Reference books would be good; history, art history, military history, classics of the Middle Ages. Who's got an extra copy of Dante, Chaucer, Malory, Arbeau, Froissart, Cretien de Troyes, Homer, Tacitus, Shakespeare? the Mabinogion? a reproduction Book of Hours? the collected works of da Vinci, Durer, Holbein? the Davenport book of historical costume? Bullfinch's Mythology?

And let's not forget fiction, science fiction, and historical fiction. Light reading is important for a balanced life! Wouldn't you regret the loss of your Tolkein, Tennyson, T H. White, your Mary Stewart, Marian Zimmer Bradley, your Azimov and your Heinlein volumes?

Well, you get the picture. Please look through your shelves and see if you have a book that you would like to contribute to the collection. Used books are OK, as long they are good shape. After all, we want to send them nice gifts.

The exact plans for the distribution of books will be finalized later, possibly just in time for Gulf Wars.

Thanks for your help! I wish I had gotten this settled earlier, but I think it's not too late to make announcements.



Tree Girt Sea 12th Night: