Snowed Inn V

As the world slumbers beneath a blanket of snow, do the people of Ardchreag still toil. On a winter day, they invite you to sit back and relax, share an ale or tale over a game, and revel in the pleasures of days that once were.

Saturday, January 28th, 2006
East and West Salons,
Pickering Recreation Complex
1867 Valley Farm Road,
Pickering, L1V3Y7

Site opens 9:30 am and closes midnight

9:30 am Site Opens
10 am Games Begin
10 am A&S Table Opens
10 am Youth Combat Tournament(s)
10 am Privy Council Meeting (time tentative)
11 am Bar Opens
11 am Armoured Combat Inspections Begin
11 am Helm Show
12 pm Youth Combat Tournament Ends
12:30 pm Armoured Combat Authorizations
1 pm TRM's Tournament of Renown
following Pas d'armes
5 pm Games End
5 pm A&S Table Closes
5 pm Court
6 pm Supper
11 pm Bar Closes
12 am Site Closes

GATEKEEPER INFORMATION Feast Reservations: We are doing a supper rather than a feast. The supper will be run like a lunch counter, and will be on a first come first served basis, with food for at least 40 people.

Please, no cheques at the gate.


  • Site is Wet - (bar open 11am-11pm) Ontario law strictly prohibits B.Y.O.B!
  • Candles at feast limited to enclosed flame lanterns.
  • Have a banner/device/tapestry? Try to bring a stand as there is only limited wall space that may have anything affixed to it.
  • Regretfully, there is no merchanting space at Snowed Inn.
  • Unfortunately, other than Royalty & Territorial Barons and Baronesses, there may not be room for personal presences. There is however ample table space.

Site Fee $8
Supper $5
Children (12-18)** 1/2 Price Adult Rates
* As mandated by the BOD, a $4 non-member surcharge will be added to the site fees for all adult non-members.Proof of Membership (Current Tidings Label, Membership Card) required at gate for Member discount.
** Children 11 and under Free
No cheques at the gate, Payment in cash only.
All Funds Canadian

From the East and West:
1.Exit the 401 at Brock Road (Exit 399, in Pickering, NOT Whitby).
2. Go north on Brock.
3. Turn west (left) onto Pickering Parkway.
4. Turn south (left) onto Valley Farm Road.
5. Look for the marquee on the building.

GO Train (Visit for more information)
1. Take your best route to the Pickering Town Centre stop (Hwy 2 at Liverpool Road bus stop).
2. Go east on Kingston Road.
3. Turn south, right onto Valley Farm Road.
4. Look for the marquee on the building.

There will be no lunch counter at Snowed Inn. Instead, the Canton of Ardchreag is pleased to announce that they will be dishing out free eats during the morning, and in the afternoon. Lady Mahault van der Eych is planning a roving snack and lunch menu, which is free to all attendees (while supplies last).

Lady Seonag nicThomais will be marshalling a youth combat tournament for each of the three age groups. The first tourney will begin promptly at 10 am, and the last shall end by noon. Each of the three tourneys will be sponsored by a knight of the realm: one by Sir Evander MacLachlan (ages 6-8), the second by Count Sir Rory Cennedi (ages 9-12), and the third by Baron Sir Siegfried Brandbeorn (ages 13-15). Each of the knights will craft a boffer sword that will be presented to one combatant in each tourney.

A helm show shall be held starting at approximately 11 in the morning so that the Royal Family may admire the fighters arrayed (pending the completion of the Privy Council Meeting). Combatants shall display their helms upon the viewing table. Combatants are encouraged to have their arms displayed on a banner or escutcheon. Any combatant deemed unsuitable for the Tournament will have their helm removed from the table at the will of their Majesties and thereby from the Tournament.

Marshals will inspect Combatants before noon to ensure that their harness is of sound construction and does not bear any elements inappropriate to a tourney field. [In other words is your armour safe and with no visible mundane elements. We are preparing a FAQ showing how easy it is to hide all the mundane elements of SCA armour.]

TRM's Tournament of Renown will take place starting at approximately 1 pm. It will be a single elimination tournament, with single sword, to three counted blows. The winner will gain entry into the Elite Tournament of Renown to be held in April.

There will be an Arts and Sciences competition held at Snowed Inn, which is being organized by Baroness Adrielle Kerrec. *Laurels are welcome to compete.* The theme for the competition will be heraldry in all its forms and permutations. There will be prizes awarded in two categories: the Judges' Choice and the Gallery's Choice. There will also be a special prize awarded to the piece deemed to be the best over all.

There is unfortunately no space for organized A&S classes, however there may be roving A&S press gangs, so keep your eyes open.

Gaming: The Games Guild of Ealdormere will be running a games table where you can borrow games to play, all day long. Challenge friends to a game of Nine Men Morris or Glic, or try something new! THL Raffe Scholemaystre will be organizing the games again this year.

Privy Council Meeting: time to be announced.

Kingdom Court: Kingdom Court to be held at 5 pm.

Septentrian Court: Baronial Court, 5 pm. Their Excellencies will be handing out Their taxes for 2006.

Post Rev: Look for flyers at the event site. The post rev is in Whitby, only minutes from the event site. The post-rev is being organized by Lady Fursto de Robnye.

Laird Colyne Stewart,
Event Steward and Event Marshal
M.K.A Todd Fischer

Lady Þorfinna gráfeldr,
Event Steward
M.K.A Melanie Fischer

Lady Tarian verch Gadarn,
M.K.A Michaela Helliwell

Lady Mahault van der Eych,
Head Chef
M.K.A Debbie Mattingly