Fools' War XVII: What? Again??

Alright, if you insist on reading this, then I suppose it's my duty to let you know about Fools' War XVII: What? Again??, coming to Lake Tobesofkee, Sandy Beach Park in Macon, Georgia on April 6-9, 2006. It's going to be the same old thing. Again.

Our autocrat, Lady Magy McTerlach, has asked me to please discourage you all from wasting your time on another year of foolishness, fighting, revelry, shopping...and all of that other stuff we always do there. How generic. ;)

If you insist on attending, however, you might want to check out our new totally bland web site at It will tell you how much money to give us. And it *would* be kind of cool to see all of you.

Come early and make it worth your while! Back by popular demand, it's Thursday Night Opening, complete with a blank schedule so that you may better enjoy time with friends without obligations. For a mere $2.00 more, you can justify setting up the big pavilion for a weekend event.

Due to a change in Lake Tobesofkee Recreation Area's pricing structure, we've adjusted our pricing somewhat. However, we're committed to charging you the absolute lowest amount we can manage, so the changes are small and rather insignificant...just different:

  • Thursday through Sunday: $12
  • Friday through Sunday: $10
  • Saturday & Sunday: $8
  • Non-members add $3.
Make checks payable to SCA Inc., Shire of Tir Briste. See our RSVP page for payment information.

As always, children under 12 get FREE ADMISSION to Tir Briste events!