Estrella War to host Laurel (and apprentice) combat prize list

Maestro Domingo has announced that there will be a Laurels Combat Prize Tournament at Estrella XXII.

Maestro Domingo writes:

To one and all let it be known that at this Estrella War there shall be a Laurels (& apprentices) combat prize tournament, Thursday February 16th. Due to the increased attendance in the past few years the list will start at noon, not its normal 2pm. The tournament will have the same simple rules as last year: Each entrant must be a Laurel or an apprentice that is sponsored by their Laurel.

Each entrant must submit a prize made by their own hand. In the case of the apprentice, their Laurel must also submit a prize made by their hand to be presented as they see fit. (Best death, most period armor etc.) Promissory prizes are acceptable. At the conclusion of the list the first place winner shall get the first choice of prizes. Second place, second choice and so on. Prizes last year ranged from hand made paper to lamp beads to wooden boxes. This list has grown from a humble beginning of six Laurels in its first year to a list of around 30 last year. It warms my heart to see it grown and prosper and know that it will continue to do so.

Maestro Domingo, List Sponsor