Car and SCA Items Stolen in AnTir

THL Alainne de Lacy reports that her automobile containing some SCA possessions was stolen January 20, 2006 near Salem, Oregon.

Her Ladyship writes:

Please, everyone who lives in the vicinity of Salem, Oregon on these lists, please keep your eyes open when out and about on the roads. My car was stolen today between 7AM and 9PM from south Salem. It is a 1992 4 door White Jeep Cherokee, Oregon license plate WEL122. There is an SCA sticker on one side of the back window and a Kingdom of AnTir sticker in the other side of the back window. They also got part of my Garb, my circlet, and my scribal box which (yes, stupid me were in the back under an old rug) Hopefully they just needed a car to get to their friends house or thought they could use my 4WD to have fun with.

Those of you who know me and know what I wore at 12th night please keep your eyes open on E-bay and Craig's List for my garb and circlet. Otherwise please just keep your eyes open for my car and call 911 if you see it anywhere in the valley.

Thank you all for any help!

HL Alainne de Lacy