Known World Bardic College & Cooks Collegium

The 4th Bi-annual 'Known World Bardic College and Cooks Collegium' has been approved by Society and will be hosted by the Kingdom of Ealdormere on the October 6-9/2006 (Fri-Mon) long weekend in Acton, Ontario, Canada (a short 40 min ride form the Toronto Airport.

We will have 80 beds available, as well as full meal plans for the weekend, and day rates... (and are arranging good rates at local area hotels)

And most importantly this time - we have HEAT!!!!

The new facility is much like the old Everton site (for those who joined us in the past) but is fully heated and equipped with two commercial kitchens and full shower and washroom facilities, plus a great hall and lots of classroom space

We expect 6 tracks (3 cooking/3 bardic) to run from 9-6pm each day (Sat/Sun) for over 90 hours of classes as well as the traditional song and recipe swaps, themed bardic circles, open jams and cooking hours and the Friday night "Boreal Master" symposium (see: If you want to know more about this adademonic interest)

Watch for more news and website/pricing information shortly. We are expecting the full wknd (including full food, accommodation and site fee including proceedings) to be about $75.00- TBC)

Please contact me directly at if you want to teach at this event or have inquiries

Co-Autocrat, Bard Wrangler

Garraed Galbraith, OL
Society MoAS Location:
Kingdom of Ealdormere (Acton, Ontario, Canada)