East Kingdom Spring CrownTournament

The young Barony of L'Ile du Dragon Dormant would like to extend a joyous invitation to all residents of the East Kingdom and beyond to their fair shores on the 6th day of the month of May, AS XL, where Their Royal Majesties of the East, Brion Anthony Uriel Tarragon and Anna Ophelia Holloway will be holding their Spring Crown Tournament to witness the choosing by right of arms of the next heirs of the East.

The site will open at 10am - The tourney itself will begin at 12h30, to be followed in the evening by Royal Court if their Majesties so wish, and by a wonderful feast prepared by Lord Petru Voda. Any concerns about food should be expressed to him as soon as possible via e-mail at: petruvoda@videotron.ca

There will be space available for merchanting. However, only merchants who pre-register will be allowed to set-up. Merchants should contact Her Excellency Freya Karolsdottir who will act as merchant coordinator for the event. Her e-mail address is: freya46@gmail.com

On-board attendance will be limited to 180 persons; the feast hall cannot accommodate any extra people. However, there will be a room available for those attending off-board.

Reservations for the event should be received in full at least two weeks prior to the event; following that date no guarantee can be made as to the availability of space for feast at the door.

The only reservation is a paid reservation. Reservations must include the full legal name and age class (Adult or Child 10 and under) of each person for whom a reservation is being made. Canadians and American funds have always been and will always be honoured in our shire. If you wish to be seated for the feast (or have off-board seating in the feast hall) please make a reservation - we cannot guarantee that any seats will be available "at the door".

Canadian Funds (CAD)
onboard / offboard
Adult: 20.00 / 15.00
minor: 18.00 / 15.00
under 5 free: free
family cap: 50.00 / 40.00
The NMS will be in effect.
American fees to be announced shortly

Lady Cristina of the Dragon Lily

Signore Cosmano Piero Michelotto da Roma

The Spring Crown site is:

Camp de Vacances Familiales Valleyfield
663 Boul. Bord de l'eau
Valleyfield, Quebec
J6S 0B5

Directions to the site:
From all points east and south of Montreal Make your best way to Hwy 20 West. This will generally mean crossing Champlain Bridge and follow instructions for Highway 20 West on Montreal Island. Follow instructions at ***.

From all points North and Northwest of Montreal: Make your best way to Highway 20 West, either via Hwy 15, or via Hwy 40 and 540. Follow instructions at ***.

From Ontario and all points further West: Make your best way to Highway 20 East. This will generally means following Hwy 401 in Ontario until it becomes Hwy 20 in Quebec. Follow instructions at ***.

***: Once on Hwy 20, take exit 14 (Salaberry de Valleyfield). (If you are westbound, the highway stops on Ile perrot for a few kilometers and resumes past Vaudreuil-Dorion). Cross the Monseigneur Bourget Bridge. Immediately past the bridge there will be a flashing yellow light. This is Rue Bord-de-l'eau. (There is a Casa Grecque restaurant on the opposite side, on your left) Turn left on Bord-de-l'eau. The camp is located at 663 Bord de l'eau. Take the left fork in the camp's driveway to reach the parking lot.