Outlands Collects Over 26,000 Toys for Tots

Adam Stedefast has announced the totals for toys collected for the Toys for Tots program in the Kingdom of the Outlands.

Adam Stedefast writes:

Greetings from Adam Stedefast,

Each year when the call to raise toys is heard, a kingdom full of heroes steps forward and makes itself known. This year was no different. Autocrats provided the setting and the populace handled the rest.

The Barony of Fontaine dans Sable remains "Toy Capital, Outlands" for one more year. The Barony of the Citadel of the Southern Pass, gets "Most Improved" for the third year running. The numbers below constitute a two-fold victory. The first victory is the acquistion of so many toys for so many children. The second is these numbers were raised _in addition_ to all the support for Hurricane Katrina relief that this kingdom provided.

Every single one of you who brought a toy is a hero and I thank you.

  • Caerthe: 903
  • al-Barran: 1,318
  • Dragonsspine: 294
  • Citadel: 2,087
  • Caer Galen: 345
  • Fontaine dan Sable: 5,279
  • Rio de las Animas: 62
  • Blackwater Keep: 23
  • Gleann Medonach: 66
  • Bohfarrah: 23
  • Other donations: 16,341
Total: 26,719

I will be compiling numbers of toys collected from other kingdoms. Please send numbers to me at stedefast@msn.com


SCAtoday.net congratulates the generous citizens of the Kingdom of the Outlands on the completion of another successful project.