12th Century Hole Documented

On the Living History website, Lord Daniel Raoul Le Vascon du Navarre documents the reconstruction of a 12th century hole - with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

Lord Daniel writes:

"It takes but little thought to see that we can classify holes into two categories: natural and anthropogenic. While the study of the influence of natural holes on the history of man in the 12th century could be quite interesting; caves, sinkholes, calderas, and meteoric craters all have their special appeal, as they are, by their very nature, natural and thus lack human input into their creation, I humbly submit that they quite properly fall outside of our general area of interest."

As one who is a Chirurgeon...

As one who is a Chirurgeon, I am particularly grateful on behalf of that guild for the fact that the author chose not to fully recreate the authentic experience of splinters. Justin