Roman Lattice-work panties and Coa Vestis in progress

This thread explores the creation and wearing of the filmy Coa Vestis, and Roman Lattice-work panties.

Hopefully, this helps to prove that Roman garb wasn't meant to be made from old bedsheets or broadcloth; the site attempts to bring awareness to the fact that Roman garb can be quite sensual and interesting, when done right, researched properly, and worn with dignity.

Just because Roman garb is generally easy to make does not mean it's easy to wear! (The Greeks, after all, had slaves that attended to the sole function of properly draping the master's clothing.)

In this forum we'll be exploring the finer points to making as realistic Roman garb as possible. Can't get your garb to look like statues and frescoes of ancient Roman times? You could be using the wrong fabric, and not taking care to make sure it's draping elegantly!

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