Report and Photos from Northshield's Yule Feast

Viscountess Elashava bas Riva, Seneschal of the Kingdom of Northshield reports on and shares photos from the Kigdom's recent Yule Feast.

Shava writes:

Hosted by Windhaven (Green Bay, WI) on January 14, 2006, the Barony proved their motto, "Welcome to Windhaven, have you eaten yet?" quite well. Many kept the winter blues away. The world outside turns cold and blustery, and we went to Windhave to feast - ALL DAY. No combat, no marshal activities, just feasting, games, dancing, bardic performance, and of course more feasting.

Starting at 9:30am with sausage, potatoes, waffles made to order and omelets made to order, the day was filled with food, friendship, games, dancing, and food. The one-bite-wonders heralded by tacky advertising songs by THL Eliane were so tasty that it was easy to forget tacky. The evening feast continued the fine Windhaven tradition of trying to feed the world until it surrendered but most still had room to indulge in the wondrous desserts by Lady Merit and crew. So, to Lady Merit, Baroness Madeleine, Ladies Katelyn and Katelyn, Lord Balthazar, Sir Alexander, and the rest of their kitchen crews; THL Friedrich (Event Steward), TE Dagr & Leiana, and Lady Cella (hosting Baron & Baroness and their Seneschal) and the rest of Windhaven, much commendation and applause for a job well done making a day well worth enjoying.

The view from both of my cameras (one commanded by Lady Elspeth O'Leery and the other by me) can be seen online.

As always, feel free to comment on & caption the pictures and use any picture for SCA purposes. If there is a picture that you really want removed, let me know privately.

I'd like to offer two pictures up for a caption contest: