Renting Horses at Estrella

THL Jacques d'Aymonet and Lady Francesca d'Aymonet, Estrella War Equestrian Autocrats, would like to remind those attending Estrella XXII that horses may be rented for esquestrian activities at the War.

Jacques and Francesca write:

Estrella War is almost upon us, and this is just a reminder that the deadline for horse rental reservation or pen reservations is January 31st, and it's coming up fast. The horse wrangler needs a certain minimum horse rental reservations to make it worth his while to bring horses out to the event, and if we don't meet his minimum, we won't be having rental horses at Estrella. So far we have very few reservations for rental horses. So if you're planning on renting a horse at Estrella War, please get your reservation in soon. The equestrian registration form and other information on equestrian activities can be found online. We're working on getting a jousting class for Thursday, and we're planning a trail ride for Thursday afternoon. Tourneys are planned for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. On Saturday Maestro Diego will be holding his Messenger Challenge Course Tourney, and on Sunday we'll be holding our ever popular Queen's Equestrian Champions double quintain tourney. Anyone wanting to represent their queen in this tourney is welcome to enter. Please get your reservations in soon for rental horses. The deadline for horse reservations is January 31, 2006.

In Service,

THL Jacques d'Aymonet, Estrella War Equestrian Autocrat
Lady Francesca d'Aymonet, deputy Estrella War Equestrian Autocrat