Notice of Scheduled Outage: Internet Servers to Undergo Upgrade

On Sunday, 15 January 2006, the Internet servers will be taken offline temporarily to perform a major system upgrade. Beginning at approximately 4:00 a.m. US Central Time (10:00 GMT), and continuing until approximately noon US Central Time (18:00 GMT), various services will be inaccessible.

As stated in the announcement sent January 13, 2006, email addresses have experienced some severe performance problems recently due to technical issues on the mail server. Fortunately, we were already in the process of migrating to a new, faster server when these problems arose, and so we have accelerated the process of moving email accounts.

There will be a brief period when almost all services (web, mail, etc.) will be unavailable. During most of the scheduled outage, however, normal web pages on will continue to work. MEMBERS WILL NOT ABLE TO USE THE ONLINE MEMBERSHIP SYSTEM, NOR ORDER ITEMS THROUGH THE ONLINE STOCK CLERK PAGES, DURING THE OUTAGE. Please wait until Monday to use the web pages that perform financial transactions of any kind, or make sure your ordering is completed before the beginning of the scheduled outage.

The main focus of the upgrade is the email system, and therefore that system will be offline for the greatest time. This includes all of the email lists at the corporate level such as announcements at, plus the corporate officers' email addresses.

All user accounts for the Known World Mail service, which offers email addresses in subdomains such as,,, and so on, will be moved to the new server during this scheduled outage. Most users will notice no changes other than that their account will work faster. A document will be published on the web site this weekend to explain what differences you might notice and what to do about problems that may occur.

During this weekend's transition period AND FOR A FEW DAYS AFTERWARD, users of Known World Mail will be able to send and receive mail but will not be able to update their personal preferences or order new accounts. The KWM account settings must be "frozen" for a few days to ensure that no data is lost during the move. You will be able to send and receive normally, but may not be able to change your password or modify signature blocks or other personalized features until later next week.

The most noticeable change for most members of the populace is that all of the email lists (such as the director~@~Ys list) will now be located in a subdomain called "". So for instance, the Directors address will now be "directors at". For a while, the old list addresses will redirect to the new lists, but will auto- reply to the sender as a reminder to update your address book. Likewise, the web pages that let you subscribe or unsubscribe the lists, change your subscription options, or view the archives, will automatically forward to their new addresses for a while.

This is a major transition, and though we hope to make it as trouble- free as possible, it is unlikely that we will accomplish such a major change without some bumps along the road. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause, and we look forward to providing you with improved services once we have migrated to the new computer.

It will be very helpful if those whose needs are not urgent could wait a couple of days to see if problems are resolved before submitting a new trouble report, since the chances are very good that someone else will have already reported the same problem. The more time we spend reading duplicate reports, the less time we have to actually fix the problem. We trust in each person's good judgment as to whether the problem needs to be fixed TODAY or can wait a day or two to see if someone else has already made us aware of it.

In the near future, we will also be moving the SCA's web site to the new server, and in the longer term, we are working on a design upgrade to offer improvements and new features.

Once again, thank you for your assistance with this matter. We appreciate your patience while we improve the services available to our members.

In service to the SCA,

Scott Courtney, Chief Technical Officer, SCA Inc
(Maistor Iustinos Tekton called Justin)

This announcement was taken in its entirety from the email list, and it may be republished in other venues provided it is not edited in any way. Reformatting is allowed. This announcement refers to the SCA, Inc. corporate servers, not the server (which is not an official SCA site).