What is your name? What is your quest? What is....

...the average airspeed velocity of a fully laden swallow? To avoid being thrown into the gorge by Tim the Enchanter, you will need to know these things! Luckily, this web site has the answer.

Read it carefully, especially if you plan to enter Crown Tournament. You have to know these things when you're King (or Queen)!

Thanks to Robert Trinitie The Chickenhearted from the Kingdom of AnTir, Shire of Wyewood, Home of Bubba, the bat winged hamster, for posting the link.

"What? Behind the hamster? It is the hamster! It's got nasty, sharp, pointy teeth!"

We apologize for the comment above concerning the hamster. The people responsible have been sacked.

Two points of clarification

The character throwing people in the the gorge was the Bridgekeeper, not "Tim the Enchanter." Tim The Enchanter was the guy with the rams horns and the fireworks.

And it was not a hamster it was a bunny rabbit (Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog) - with nasty big pointy teeth.

Have a nice day.

Batting .500

Okay, I'll stand corrected on the Tim the Enchanter part. But the hamster thing was intentional...I know it was a rabbit in the movie, but I was making an oblique reference to the hamster mentioned in the article. :-)