Middle Kingdom Coronation

The Barony of Andelcrag invites you to the Coronation of Their Highnesses Felix and Madeleina

Christ the King Episcopal Church
2600 Vincent Ave
Portage, MI 49024

Join us for the coronation of Their Royal Highnesses Felix and Madeleina as they assume the Dragon Throne.

Master Cook - Dame Hauviette d'Anjou
A sumptuous Turkish feast, served both in Ottoman style and European seating, with delights to please every palate. Recipes originating from 16th C Turkish, Arabic and Ottoman sources, a first time feast for this period source material translated by Master Bogdan de la Brasov. The evening will be a splendid feast conducted by several Master Cooks of the Middle Kingdom as well as talented apprentices and pages. Be sure to reserve early in order to guarantee your place.

Musicians, dancers and entertainers who wish to perform during feast are encouraged to present pieces influenced by Ottoman rule.

Baroness Brighid The Ageless