Known World Arts and Sciences Symposium to be Held in Atenveldt

The Kingdom of Atenveldt will host this year's Known World Arts and Sciences Symposium. Dame Fiona Gwyllt Wynne, autocrat for the 2003 Known World Arts and Sciences Symposium, has announced that the event will be held September 27-28, 2003 in Phoenix, AZ in the Kingdom of Atenveldt.

Dame Fiona writes:

"Welcome to the Known World A&S Symposium (KWAS) which will be held in Phoenix, Arizona (Kingdom of Atenveldt). Here is a wonderful opportunity for artisans from all over the Known World to get together and exchange ideas, teach and/or take classes.

This event will include indoor classes, outdoor fighting classes, a Chocolate Revel on Saturday evening, as well as merchants for your shopping pleasure."

For more information, please visit the website or contact:

Dame Fiona Gwyllt Wynne
Main Autocrat and Class Coordinator