Re-Enactment Gear Stolen in the UK; Site Vandalized

Guthroth Of Colanhomm reports that re-enactment gear owned by the group Conquest was stolen recently from a secure garage in North Bristol, England. The site was then set on fire.

Guthroth Of Colanhomm writes:


My apologies for apparently posting this so far from home, but in the modern world of Ebay and on-line 'garage' sales some of the items concerned might indeed travel a very long way.

A secure lock-up garage in North Bristol, England used as a store by some members of the Conquest re-enactment society has been raided. To add insult to injury after taking some items, the thieves then set fire to it destroying all of the rest of the contents for a total loss of about 58,000 Pounds Sterling (105,000 USD) from the initial estimation. Of the stuff in the garage, one tunic survived. Everything else is gone. This is kit which took decades to assemble.

A full list of the stolen kit can be seen online.

Among the more noticeable items are :

  • A Fourth Armoury Riveted Hauberk and Coif (Full sleeved with separate coif. Mail is 50% solid rings and 50% riveted.) If any of you have seen this style of mail it is very light and very fine compared with a lot of riveted mail that is about and the rings are very flat.
  • Spring Steel wire hauberk, same as the above. Full sleeved with separate coif, the rings are 8mm external and quite ridged. Both hauberks are very tailored (including darts on the shoulders, elbows, back and hip point for fitting) to fit a man about five eleven tall and 290 lbs.
  • A couple of Norman style swords (Armour class), helmets, soft kit and gambesons all in my size.
  • One pair Morgan Hubbard black size 9.5 Norman style shoes and several hand carved belts with medieval patterns on them and extensive `blue' fittings.
  • Also missing is a large, single piece medieval cauldron (hand beaten from a single sheet of metal) about two and a half feet across.

If you see any one suddenly selling this stuff, please let me know - there is a cash reward for ANY information that leads to whoever stole this kit.

Pete - Guthroth Of Colanhomm