Daffodil XXIX

The Baron and Baroness of Seagirt invite you to attend the 28th Daffodil Tournament and Feast. Join Their Excellencies James and Glynis as they host guests from the far corners of An Tir and watch the tournaments to choose the Defender of Seagirt (armoured) and the Captain of the Grenadiers (rapier). There will also be a prize target archery tournament. Their Highnesses Tir Righ will be in attendance.

Pre-registration for Daffodil is available. The menu for the feast is posted on the website.

Site opens 9:00 am, closes midnight.

Site: Saanich Fairgrounds, 1528
Stellys X Road,
Saanichton BC, V8M 1S8.

Website: http://members.shaw.ca/daffodil_as40/

Autocrat: Lady Elina Karsdottir

A&S Contests: Costuming, Daffodil in Any Medium. Coordinator: HL Antonia Fraser antoniawench@shaw.ca.

Merchant contact: HL Anastasia Daysshe anastasiadm@hotmail.com There is a fee for merchants. It is $5.00/ 10 foot frontage.

Pre-registration available. Feast ticket cut-off is March 11, 2006. NMS of $4 CAD/$3 USD in effective for this event. See website for form.

ADULTS (19+), Feast & Site fee: $25 CAD/$22 USD .Day Fee: $12 CAD, $11 USD. YOUTHS (13-18): Feast & Site fee: $18 CAD, $16 USD Day Fee: $7 CAD, $ 6 USD. CHILDREN (12 and under): no Site fee; feast fee $11 CAD, $10 USD.There is a family cap on the site fee (not feast fee) of $38 CAD, $32 USD. Make cheques payable to “Barony of Seagirt