A Day at a Medieval Faire

On February 15, 2003, the Incipient Shire of Kings Crossing, in southwestern Pennsylvania, participated in a Medieval Faire demo. The demo's coordinator reports on a successful day. Lord Donnchadh writes:

"The Incipient Shire of Kings Crossing in conjunction with the Washington Mall held its first demo called "A Day at a Medieval Faire". It took place on Saturday the 15th of February from 11am to 5 pm. Featured at the demo were two heavy weapons tournaments (A Pas de Armes and a Barrier tourney), two fencing tournaments, 11 SCA merchants, and an area set up for court dancing. There were also A&S exhibits of period cuisine, clothing and needle work, heraldry, arms & armour, archery & thrown weapons, chainmail, illumination & calligraphy, and story telling. At the end of the day Baroness Genevieve du Vent Argent, of the Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands (Kings Crossing's sponsor), held court to honor the winners of the day's tournaments, witness a squiring ceremony, and thank everyone for attending the demo. Over one hundred SCA members came out to help Kings Crossing make a good first impression on the local populace of both Washington and Greene Counties in southwestern Pennsylvania. A good day was had by all."

Lord Donnchadh Dubh Ghlas
Scott A. Thompson