Artemisia 12th Night: A Report

Baroness Bianca of Gryphon's Lair in the Kingdom of Artemisia gives a glowing report on the recent 12 Night celebration.

Her Excellency writes:

12th Night Event was a splendid and magnificent spectacle.

His Honor, Lord Math the Fish, sat vigil throughout the day, receiving well-wishes and advice from friends, peers and family. Over a hundred people turned out from many different Kingdoms throughout the Known World to wish him well on his momentous day.

There were many tasty soups and cookies donated by the generous members of Gryphon's Lair. We would like to extend our personal thanks to Lady Johanne, Lady Bethany, Lady Allesandra, and Lord Robert Bedlam for responding to the request for the luncheon potluck. I am certain it was a successful fundraiser for the Barony.

During the day, we had two tournaments for the combatants. His Royal Highness won the Valhalla Tournament, and the Baronial Champion, Lord Jayshon Faustus won the Rapier tournament with milord Donovan winning the Tournament of Grace and Honor (and the prize). His Highness was awarded a dagger for winning the Valhalla Tournament, but showing the grace and generosity of His Royal Blood, he recognized Lance of Loch Salann for that gentleman's skill, chivalry and gentility on the field, and gifted His right-won prize to Lance. Milord Benjamin Caimbeul was named as the Premier Youth Defender of the Lair for his prowess during the Boffer Tournament.

Her Honor, Lady Heidi of Cote du Ciel, offered her services by conducting the youth activities. The children made tambourines, played with gladiator toys and played outdoor games. Later, Lord Azir held a boffer making class and conducted the boffer tournament.

Many artists participated in the Arts and Sciences Display within Gryhpon's Lair. Lady Bethany's Illumination entry won the Populace vote (and the prize of 6 yards of blue velveteen) in the Arts and Sciences Display. Lord Gearoid won the Baron's Choice vote (and the prize of a starter kit of gouache paints) in the Arts and Sciences for his inlaid wood spinning wheel, and The Honorable Lady Jacquelinne de Radonvilliers won the Baroness' Choice vote (and a book detailing the life of the Boleyn sisters) for her marvelous illumination. There were 7 or 8 entrants, with over a dozen pieces to admire, ranging from spinning, embroidery, illumination and alchemy/cooking.

There was a Bardic display just prior to feast, and each participant was awarded a glass rose from the Baroness during Court. Participants included Lord Griffon, Lady Bethany, Lady Johanne, Master Corwin, THL Caesideous, milord Benjamin, milady Ashlynn, Baroness Elyn and others. The Bardic was conducted by our Baronial Champion, Lord Griffon.

Her Honor, Lady Meraud des Belles Feuilles, prepared a splendid and delicious feast. She served a full house many courses of exotic and tasty Roman cuisine. Courses included the appetizer of breads, flatbreads, hummus and olive spread, second remove was beef with relish served with green beans and procuitto, the next remove was breaded fish and herbed barley, the last remove was sausage stuffed acorn squash, and honey-nut candy clusters were served with a custard-like pastry for dessert.

During Their Majesties' court, many back scrolls were presented. There were almost a dozen people attending their first event, and they were able to select a prize from the Queen's "Box of Goodies" to thank them for attending.

At Gryphon's Lair Baronial Court, we were able to recognize two outstanding members of our new Barony. Lady Bethany of Windermere was awarded the Premier of the Cero e Luce (Italian for "Candle and Light") for her consistent devotion to the Arts and Sciences within Gryphon's Lair. The scroll was created by THL Jacquelinne de Radonvilliers and the regalia by Lady Aine. During Court (at the Baroness' request) Bethany performed a song she had written, to showcase her varied and glorious skill. The Honorable Lord Sextus Paepellus Caesideous (FKA Sionainn Caimbeul, DWS) was awarded the Premier of the Lux Gryphus (Latin for "Gryphon's Light"), for being a constant light and guide within the Barony. Caesideous has served the Lair during the transition from Shire to Barony with his heart, hands, and soul. He continues to fight as both a rapier and an armored combatant, he teaches fighting and is crafting a new suit of armor. Lord Caesideous also has contributed greatly to the Arts, performing period pieces in Bardic competitions, painting, assisting with regalia (including working on the thrones, the coronets, the Baronial retinue favors, Champion favors and more), and writing scroll text for the Baronial Champion scrolls and for the text and charter for the Lux Gryphus. It was a pleasure to be able to recognize the service and dedication of these individuals.

After Gryhpon's Lair's court ended, Their Majesties Morgan and Esebell called forward Math the Fish. He was heralded in with lines of skaldic verse, praising the Black King and Golden Queen. Fish asked people who have inspired, challenged and befriended him to sing the verses of his history. Among those who participated were Dame Varia, Baron Sir Tryggvar, Baron Thorvald of Gryphon's Lair, Hrothgar and others. The verses listed Fish's history and awards, from his Award of Arms, Falcon's Crest, Gold Gryhpon's Talon, DUCK, Gold Maple Leaf, Defender of the Citadel and the Gryphon of Artemisia. Speaking for His Honor were Duke Konrad for the Chivalry, Master Braden for the Laurels, Sir Michael for the Pelicans, Duchess Kortland for the Royal Peers and His Honor Lord Jean-Richard for the populace. THL Jean-Richard brought forward a "Viking Surfboard" carved with Norse Runes to commemorate the elevation of Lord Fish. As always, Lord Jean-Richard's work was beautiful beyond words. Bahadur Timmur and Bahadur William Kyle of the Wildnerness placed the spurs on Fish's heels, the belt was presented by Duke Konrad and girded about him by Fish's elegant and graceful lady, Teresa-Angelina (with some assistance from Her Majesty). Attached to the belt was a ring given to Konrad by the young Kingdom of Lochac. This ring had been taken to historic places throughout the world and imbued with the magic and history of those landmarks. It was placed in Konrad's care until he could present it to someone deserving of such a relic. The chain was given by Baron Sir Tryggvar, and the history of this piece was detailed. It was Tryggvar's chain, worn by Baron Bahadur Timmur before Tryggvar's knighting. When the buffet was delivered, Fish stood tall and proud, but even the strongest quake before our Mighty King. The blow was delivered to Fish's cheek, and spun the big man on his heels, golden hair flying in disarray, and his fall was halted against the supporting hands of the chivalry. It was a ceremony to remember, filled with the magic and pagentry we all hope to one day witness.

Many pictures were taken during and after the event, and there was much celebrating lasting through the night and the next day and ...well ... it's still going on... We are very pleased to have been part of this grand day.

In Service to the Dream - and to those Moments of Magic, such as the one I was able to witness at 12th Night,

Bianca, Baroness Gryphon's Lair