Snow No Deterrent to Mystery at the Masque

The Masque of Courtly Love VII: "Mystery at the Masque," the Marche of Alderford's annual winter event was held February 15, 2003. The photo album is now online. The cold winds of an Ohio winter did not keep over 200 intrepid SCAdians from attending the recent Masque of Courtly Love VII held in North Canton, OH. This year's Masque, autocrated by THL Catriona nicHugh Mclaey and Lady Francesca de Onorati and featuring a scrumptuous feast by Lady Elisabetta da Firenze called Fahe, had a mystery theme complete with a mystery play written by Lady Milica of Varna.

Activities included heavy and light fighting, merchants, dancing, feast, many classes and children's activities. Near the end of the day, a marauding dragon arrived and had to be subdued by young warriors, who found that it was filled with delicious candy!

A good time was had by all and in the word's of the play, "Everything worked out for the best!"