Giles of Redhugh Made Knight In Drachenwald

Genevieve la flechiere reports that at Their final Court, Cadogan and Euphemia created Eorl Giles of Redhugh a Knight of the SCA.

Genevieve la flechiere writes:

On Friday evening, their Majesties Cadogan and Euphemia placed Eorl Giles of Redhugh on vigil to consider admission to the Order of Chivalry.

He spent the evening receiving good advice, and in contemplation of this new responsibility.

In Cadogan and Euphemia's final court, several nobles spoke on behalf of Eorl Giles: Sir Attila, his friend from Calontir; Mistress Honor of Restormel; Sir Wiglaf of Wilfriding, companion of the Laurel; and his beloved lady Countess Ezabella Allyot.

HE Sir Maximilian provided spurs for him; King Cadogan presented him with a gold chain, a gift from Sir Alfred of Carlyle; and His Majesty Cadogan knighted Eorl Giles with Giles' own sword.

I was pleased and humbled to witness this event firsthand.


Genevieve la flechiere
pursuivant and scribe

Sir Giles adds the following:

"The belt was the same belt that Sir Richard Gilchrest wore when he sat the throne of the Principality of Drachenwald, but it was Green in color then. He later dyed it white when he was knighted. This same belt was then used to Knight Sir Gerhardt, and now it is passed to me."