Chivalry's renaissance: Society for Creative Anachronism puts emphasis on creative anachronism

An article in the Pahrump Valley Times describes the SCA and the recent Festival of the Rose.

The story continues in a sidebar: Barbarians at the gates: Honor of self, others at the heart of local SCA.

Nice articles, but too bad someone

Nice articles, but too bad someone couldn't explain the difference between "Seneschal" of a group and "Autocrat" of an event more clearly to the reporter.

Maybe the SCAdians did explai

Maybe the SCAdians did explain it correctly. I wish I had a dollar for every time I was misquoted by the press during my tenure as Seneschal of my local group. Even well-meaning reporters, who truly want to get the story right, seldom take time to record verbatim what is said to them. I spent 18 months as a technical journalist, and carried a digital voice recorder so I could always be sure to get direct quotes exactly right (enlightened self-interest...didn't want to be sued), but the reporters who have interviewed me have only summarized my remarks in their own words on a little notepad. To be fair, most of the times I have been misquoted it has been of little or no consequence. Factual errors have been things like, for example, referring to all fighters as "knights" even if most of them aren't. This distinction matters to SCA members but not really to the public. That being said, I am more tolerant of a reporter making a small factual error if it is outside the quotation marks rather than in a direct quote that claims I said it that way. There are ways to do an indirect or paraphrased quote if the reporter didn't have time to jot the wording down precisely: Lord Whooziz said that SCA members like to gather for feasts. The above isn't a direct quote, just an attributed paraphrase. Contrast that with: Lord Whooziz said, "We SCA members really love our feasts." If the reporter wants to write the story in their own words, then they should not put the text in quotes. If they want to quote, then they should get it exactly right. Justin