Gleann Abhann Spring Crown Lyst

Be it known unto the populace of this, our fair Kingdom, the King and Queen are in need of heirs. Join our Royals and their entourage in witness to chivalric combat of the highest order; combatants worthy of the Crown. All are invited to display their finest on thetournament field, bedeck the lands with banners, pennants and pavilions.

This Event is Held at:
Woodmen of the World
770 Fish Hatchery Rd
Forest Hill, LA 71430

The camp is located 16 miles south of Alexandria, Louisiana, on US Highway 165, between Woodworth and Forest Hill, Louisiana.

Cabin space: 125 Gentles
Tenting: unlimited
Feast: 125 Gentles
Site is discreetly wet.
No pets please.

Site opens at 5:00pm Friday Closes Sunday at 11:00am

Lord Adam Goodwine
mka Frank Sewell

Ivarr Guddriksson
mka Rick Pizzolato