Festival of Khleb-sol'

Ice grips the land and Kievan Rus' is blanketed in snow, but here you will find the warmth of friendship! Join us as we celebrate hospitality and brotherhood at the Festival of Khleb-sol' and Bratchina (Festival of Hospitality and Feast of Brothers)!

The Barony of Adiantum invites one and all to join us for our Midwinter's Celebration and Feast. This year's celebration has been renamed to honor our new Baron and Baroness, Brutus and Katerine. Both Baron Brutus Solamon and Baroness Katerine Martel are influenced in their personas by the Rus culture of 900-1000 CE.

Scottish Rite Masonic Lodge
1685 W. 13th Avenue, Eugene, OR  97402
(13th Ave and Chambers)

The Festival of Khleb-sol & Bratchina, translates to: The Festival of Hospitality & Feast of Brothers. Khleb-sol' the Russian word for hospitality, translates literally as "bread-salt". The bread-salt ceremony is a prized symbol of Russian hospitality.  A Bratchina - Feast of Brothers, is an ancient Russian feast gathering - a kind of family reunion/clan gathering/noble show-off party that was commemorated by giving favored guests a fancy "bratina" drinking bowl to take home.

The festivities will include:

  • The Baronial A&S Championship
  • Open Arts and  Sciences Competition
  • The Commencement of His Excellencies' Cohort Trails
  • Board Games 
  • Pied-Piper activities including story telling and an artwork corner!
  • A Chess Tournament
  • Strolling Bards  (we invite you to bring a few small tokens as reward for their efforts!)
  • Bardic Bower - A room set aside for the enjoyment of Bardic Entertainments! (NEW!)
  • Ithra Classes
  • Free Workshops and Classes
  • Equestrian Activities Interest Meeting
  • Equestrian Games for Youth *tentative*
  • Charter Painting
  • Dancing
  • A sumptuous Rus Feast prepared by the incomparable Fezzic (pre-registration only)
  • Court