Research on the midieval orient

Ok for the people who have read this forum, I have decided to do some tinkering with oriental history (which is with in the SCA......I have done the research) If anyone would like to contribute I would appreciate it. Here are some of the things I have researched: Samurai armour (I have a few good links that I will post soon) Weapons (traditional weapons to include "kitana's, honor blades" I will be starting to research dwelling construction, archery, and probably some martial arts (I have already completed a year in Korea training in Hapkido)I have started a forum on my webiste There will be a thread in there titled "SCAdians" I am going to start discussing military tactics. I am a tactician at heart.

Ok everyone I have added the

Ok everyone I have added the forum catagories for SCAdians on my forums page, sorry for the delay.