Barnacled Bullfrog

Come celebrate, good Queen Bess has gone to her reward and it seems to be the end of an era. The Barnacled Bullfrog will make its next appearance in the seaport town of Cork, Ireland.

The year is 1603 and the winds have grown cold the trade routes are closed down. Come and enjoy the company of Rogues, Wenches, Cutpurses and Gamblers. The tavern will offer games of chance and skill, food and song, and maybe a bar fight or two. Due to an unfortunate fire all the Bullfrog spirits have been consumed. Therefore all things fermented and distilled must be brought with you, in order to justify my barkeeps wages he will gladly hold the items and serve them to you. A word from the Barrister:

Site Information
Planters Club
4600 Planter's Club Rd.
Suffolk, VA 23435-1306

The site is very wet.
Pets are not allowed.

Date and Time
January 28, 2006
Opens at 11:00 a.m. and closes at midnight


  • A&S: There will not be any planned A&S activities
  • Children: There will not be any planned children's activities
  • Games: There will plenty of gaming and gambling.
  • Dancing : TBA
  • Fighting: Fencing, archery and heavy. More information to come

There will be a sideboard lunch and a tavern style dinner. For dietary concerns please contact our headcook.

Staff Information
Autocrat and Co-Autocrat
Lord Matthew of Marinus (Matthew Howard)

Lady Thyre of Andovere (Keri Hyman)

Lady Thyre of Andovere (Keri Hyman)

Dame Hróðny Rognvaldsdottir (Terri Morgan)

THL Felicia Catriona Morgan (Barbara Dodge)

Lord Gabriel Bradstreet (Gabriel Bayles)