Happy New Year from SCAtoday.net!

The creators of SCAtoday.net wish you and yours a Happy New Year, and we thank our contributors, staff, and readers for a great 2005!

As we close out 2005, SCAtoday.net has 4180 stories online, with over 1300 of these published in the past year, and over 1500 registered users with personal accounts. This level of activity would not have been possible without the generous support of our contributing reporters, and so we especially thank:

  • Karen Larsdatter for many historical and SCA-related articles and links
  • Vallawulf, who joined us as a Reporter in December 2005 and already has contributed over forty stories
  • Aoife for her ever-popular and extremely useful Aoife's Links column
  • Jane Stockton for historical articles
  • Heirusalem for Pennsic news and for advising us on copyright issues
  • Nicolaa for historical and SCA news
  • Peregrine Fairchylde for coverage of the hurricane crisis response in Gleann Abhann.

Thanks most of all to our readers, who make all the effort of running this site worthwhile!

Here's to a great 2006! Happy New Year!

Maistor Iustinos Tekton called Justin, Publisher
THL Milica of Varna, Editor-In-Chief