Meridian Maneuvers '06

The Shire of Ravenwood and the Incipient Shire of Flintmarsh Present: Meridian Maneuvers '06: Let's get it on!

The Parks at Chehaw
Albany, Ga

Ya'll ready for a little Pre-Gulf War training? Are you ready to sweat? Awww…maybe you're just ready to pick a fight?

WAR!! Once again it's time to prepare our troops for war! Stout Warriors...grab your swords and shields! Fearless Archers...string your bows and load your crossbows! Stalwart Spearmen…hoist your spears up high (whoa big fellow, easy with that thing)! This year we will grill and drill through interesting battles played out in the history of the Italian Peninsula!

Wine Press Battle!
The pressure is on as you're pressed against the raging river! It's fight and win…or die! (Glub, Glub)

Storm the Chateau!
Fancy for: Get in the Castle! (CHARGE!)

Italian Armada Battle!
Galleons and Frigates collide in a breath taking battle to control the Mediterranean! (or at least that pretty patch of grass over yonder!)

Slip on your best Robin Hood (Men in Tights?) wardrobe, or just what ever is comfortable, and test your aim in the Infamous Meridian Maneuvers Archery Contest! Both a Target and a Combat tourney is to be held! Be sure to remember that there is a zoo near by...any loose arrows in the lion pit will be retrieved by the person who shot them! (Which brings me to our other items of entertainment…)

Worried about the Little One's getting into things? Chunk 'em over towards M'Lady Patricia of Ravenwood, who will be running a fun filled Gosling's activity during the day so that the bigger kids (that's us, folks) can enjoy the day away! And to bedazzle their little minds, The Great Man of Mystery and Illusion (Lord Callum of Flintmarsh) will once again perform his amazing magic show guaranteed to captivate and bewilder the little ones (and even us larger ones who are still young at heart)!

Afterwards, a savory feast will be provided, prepared with delicate care by Lady Maegwynn del Mas of Ravenwood and M'lady Constance le Baker of Flintmarsh, for the first 125 people to pre-reserve by February 15th.

And when all the smoke settles…Bardic Circle! Bring your best stories, songs books, poetry, jokes…what ever! Gotta love those sheep jokes!

Tenting only

9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Dry Site! Any time afterwards, Discreetly Wet with no original containers.