Holiday Greetings from Radu and Broinnfinn of Gleann Abhann

Radu and Broinnfinn, King and Queen of the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann, send Christmas greetings to the Known World.

Their Majesties write:

This is our Christmas card to our wonderful Kingdom of Gleann Abhann, and to the Known World,

Two major events this year have given us reason to pause this holiday season and reflect on the meaning behind the trappings of Christmas.

The first was the birth of our son. As we have learned to see the world fresh and new through his eyes we appreciate the gift of innocent joy in simple things. The pure unadorned love that we have shared as a family has become the cornerstone on which we have rebuilt our lives.

This lesson is one that has served us well through the second event - the loss of our home to Katrina. We think we can speak for all of us who weathered this storm when we say that we look forward to a day when that event does not enter our thoughts, a day spent in the blissful normality of a time before the 29th of August.

However, in the drastic change following the aftermath of the storm, we have been given another great gift. It is the gift of knowing first-hand the generosity and endurance of the human spirit.

In the four months following that horrible day, the world as we knew it got a bit smaller, as our lives were touched by people around the world. Even more than the gifts of clothing, food, and necessities, the personal notes with expressions of support and hope lifted our hearts. These came from dear friends and complete strangers, from people we had never met or never met in person, connected only by a common hobby and common decency. Thousands of hands held us through those dark days, and we are more grateful than anyone will ever know, more than we can ever adequately express. We spend this Christmas richer in spirit than ever before.

As you go through this holiday season, we hope you will take the time to cherish your children - those moments of childlike wonder pass so quickly. Hold your friends and family close and share the gifts of love and laughter. This are things that will never pass away - come wind or high water. Believe us, we know.

And take a moment to remember those less fortunate. Every one of us has the opportunity to change a life for the better and we will never again take for granted the power of the open heart.

Our Deepest Thanks and Wishing All the Peace of the Season,

Radu and Broinnfinn
Kiraly and Drotning Gleann Abhann
(and baby Hieronymus!)